Naufraghi (temporary installation)

Naufraghi” aims to represent, through a floating installation, the fragility and instability, as well as the resilience of people who face migration. The artworks represent faces of migrants hosted by extraordinary reception centers (CAS) in Italy, photographed in 2017.

Using a mixed technique of collage and acrylic colors, the images are then mounted on plywood and made resistant to weather conditions and saltiness through the application of specific nautical coating products. In order to follow the movement of the liquid surface on which the installation is displayed, each artwork consists of several pieces joined together with transparent PVC sheets.

The water is the base that support the artwork but also an element that interacts with it, moving its individual parts. Water is a metaphor that represent the environment in which the identity of migrants floats. Despite the fluidity, the faces retain their shapes without further disintegrating, adapting to the environment in which they are, and remaining on its surface.

This is also the case in the migration experience, where those who undertake the journey are forced to adapt to the more or less critical conditions they face.


  • Cagliari
  • Date: from 12 to 25 of July 2017

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